Linda Amaro
San Antonio, TX
Marathons: 20
Half Marathons: 12

Linda began distance running in the summer of 2008. There's nothing like training in the South Texas heat.
San Antonio has some brutal summers. Having never run anything longer than 4 miles, Linda went straight into the
full marathon training program that year. Linda developed a true friendship with running and completes 2-3 marathons
each year. She also started coaching with a local run club in 2010 and has since earned a coaching certification with
the RRCA. Running is truly a metaphor for life because we all can accomplish things we might be scared to try at first
glance. Linda manages a full-time job as a Probation Officer and juggles 3 kids too. Having run the REVEL Rockies
in 2016, Linda felt a desire to become an ambassador as she was so impressed with the mountain series.

How else Linda REVELs: Running with her 19 and 10 year old daughters & doing a little yoga too