Sarah LaBass
Simi Valley, CA
Marathons: 27
Half Marathons: 12

Sarah started running in high school after watching her dad conquer his first marathon. Sarah thought her dad was
crazy and made fun of him for running so many miles at one time! After a few years of watching her dad run marathons,
she finally saw the light. She ran her first marathon when she was 20 and had an incredible experience. Sarah loved
the marathon experience so much that she continued to run marathons. She has run 27 marathons now. She has won
5 marathons and is a Boston marathoner. Sarah loves to run because she feels alive and happy. Running helps her to
be a patient and kind mother. Sarah said, "I hope to inspire people to be better. To push themselves more then they have
ever pushed themselves before. To become more than they ever thought they could be". Sarah believes the quote on
her Boston marathon poster that says you can learn everything about yourself in 26.2 miles. You really learn that you
are stronger then you think you are. You learn that you are more capable then you thought you were and that you can
achieve greatness! Sarah was drawn to be an ambassador for REVEL because of their commitment to safe and fun marathons!

How else Sarah REVELs: Certified Pilates instructor for over 10 years. Helping others be healthy