Haley Kahn
Los Angeles, CA
Marathons: 2
Half Marathons: 1

Former dancer, Haley began running after moving to LA in order to stay in shape and enjoy the weather. After the Boston Marathon Bombing,
Haley started taking running more seriously so that one day she could qualify for and run the Boston Marathon. This became her biggest motivator,
being born and raised in Boston and having so much love for her City. Haley completed her first half-marathon in June of 2016. On the same day
she completed her half marathon, Haley decided to register for her first full marathon, REVEL Canyon City. Since then, she began training with USA
Marathon Training, placed first in her age division for her first 10K, and, most recently, ran the LA Marathon. Haley loves being involved in the
running community, meeting new people, sharing her experiences and letting others know that they can accomplish anything that they set their
mind to! "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough!"

How else Haley REVELs: Haley loves helping others learn about running and healthy living. She's also an actress currently involved in a web series called Boston Blondes, bringing Boston to Los Angeles!