Summer Running Tips
REVEL Race Series
Aug. 1, 2017

Are you in the middle of training for REVEL Big Cottonwood or Canyon City? OR have you heard about the NEW race – Mt. Lemmon (Nov 12)?? If you are running one of these it probably means you’re doing long runs in the middle of summer. I don’t have to tell you it’s HOT out there – I’m sure you’re aware. But I do want to tell you to be safe and run smart.

Here is a list of reminders for your long run. These are especially helpful tips to keep in mind in the summer. But anytime you’re pushing your body to the limit you should make an effort to keep your body safe and strong.

Tips for Running in the Summer

    1. Make hydration a priority. Before running. Mid-Run. After running.
    2. Check the weather report and run around it. Try to run early or late = the coolest part of the day. Luckily the days are longer in the summer and you can run in the early morning or evening while it’s still light out. The key is to plan when and where you’ll run to get out during a time that’s both cool and allows for visibility to other runners, cyclists and cars.
    3. Wear quality, sweat-wicking clothes. I make sure to pack quality running gear that can help me feel a little more comfortable. The reality is I’m going to be completely drenched in sweat by the end no matter what, but wick-wear helps. So does a visor and lighter colored shirts to keep me a little cooler.
    4. Consider running slower and shorter. It’s important to change your running in very extreme conditions to keep your health a priority. If it’s super hot or cold – run smart and change your running accordingly. This means I am slower when I run in very hot, humid conditions. That’s okay. Take walking breaks if you need to.
      Check in with your body and assess how much to push yourself based on effort level, sweat, hydration, fatigue and anything else that your body is using to indicate how it’s going.
    5. Remember it’s a journey. One bad run isn’t going to ruin your entire training cycle. It’s up to you to know your body and know when to push it and when to pull back. Keep the big picture of your entire training calendar in mind. Do the work. Run smart. You’ll get there.

Good luck! I’ll see you out there!

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Monica is a Health Coach and RRCA certified running coach living in southern California. She blogs at sharing her adventures of running marathons and eating delicious food all across the USA. “RER” started as a way to document her weight loss journey and training for her first race - now it’s updated daily with tips, recipes and more! Follow along at and on Instagram @RunEatRepeat