REVEL Race Series
March 19, 2020

REVEL Mt Charleston on April 4th has been cancelled due to mass-gathering restrictions and permit regulations. REVEL Chilliwack on July 25th has been cancelled due to indefinite restrictions on international travel to Canada. Although deeply saddened by these cancellations, we are committed to joining the efforts to reduce the spread of the coronavirus and ensure the health of our runners and host communities. 

These cancellations have led to questions regarding the status of other scheduled REVEL events in 2020. As of now, all remaining REVEL events in 2020 are scheduled to proceed as planned. These events include:

-REVEL Rockies: June 6th, 2020

-REVEL Mount Hood: June 27th, 2020

-REVEL Big Cottonwood: September 12, 2020

-REVEL Big Bear: November 14, 2020

We emphasize that the coronavirus issue is evolving on a daily basis and therefore future plans may need to be adjusted. We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation as it unfolds throughout the coming months and comply with regulations of local and federal government health officials. 

Because many of our runners may naturally be hesitant to register for a race under the current circumstances, we wish to clarify our current plan for responding to the possibility of prolonged restrictions on events:

  • -We remind runners that we have always had a very generous transfer/withdrawal/deferral policy that provides flexibility in times of uncertainty. Subject to certain deadlines, runners may use these policies to defer or withdraw from any race. Registered runners who are uncertain about their participation in the remaining 2020 REVEL events are invited to consider exercising these options.
  • -If a future REVEL event is forced to cancel due to health and safety regulations, we may attempt to postpone the race to a future date in 2020. In the event of a postponement, registered runners would automatically be deferred to the postponed race. If the new date is incompatible with a runner’s schedule, the runner will be allowed to defer their entire registration to a future REVEL event without incurring any fees.
  • -Postponement is not always a viable option due to permit restrictions, venue availability, and weather conditions. If postponement is not possible, a race may be cancelled altogether for the 2020 year. Under this scenario, runners will be given the following two options:
  1.       1. Defer registration and receive credit that can be used to register for any future REVEL race. Note that the regular deferral fees will be waived in the event of a cancellation so that runners will not incur any cost to defer.
  3.       2. Complete a Virtual Race and receive a mailed race packet, free of charge. Race packets include a race shirt, medal, personalized bib, Tru Flask, Goodr sunglasses, REVEL running cap, customized result card, and a coupon code for a 20% discount on a REVEL merchandise purchase. 

Our sincere hope is that our remaining 2020 races will not be impacted by the current situation, and we are actively planning for that scenario. Given the policies outlined above, we encourage our runners to not hesitate to register for these events. The race production community is currently experiencing unprecedented turmoil. Those in our industry rely on constant registrations to enable operations to continue. We urge runners to support the industry by continuing to register for races, whether they be REVEL races or not, so long as those races have reasonable policies in place to deal with potential postponements or cancellations. 

Above all, we implore our runners to remain safe and healthy. We all share a common passion for distance running and cannot imagine life without. Yet in these uncertain times we must remember to put the overall health of our community above all other concerns. Look for opportunities to be an influence for good during this outbreak. Offer assistance to others as appropriate. Remember that we are all in this together.

We appreciate the patience of our loyal runners during these difficult times and look forward to REVELing with you all as soon as possible.