ONE-WEEK SALES EVENT: Receive $100 in REVEL Race Credits for $59
REVEL Race Series
April 13, 2020


It wasn’t supposed to be this way. This was the year you were training for your first marathon; or the year you were going to set a new PR; or the year you were going to finally qualify for the Boston Marathon. Then, well… you know.  

We hear you. We’re runners too. We’re going stir-crazy just like the rest of you. We’re itching to get back out there to the clapping of thousands of shoes against pavement, to the roar of spectators, to the support of an entire running community who has your back.

As we all patiently wait for things to get back to normal, we don’t have to lose our momentum, motivation, or passion.

At REVEL we want to encourage runners everywhere to keep their stride by having a race on the horizon to look forward to. And to help stretch the bang for your buck, we’re presenting a limited-time offer.

Receive $100 in REVEL Race Credits for $59. Purchase April 20 - April 24. Valid through 2022.

Take advantage and keep your internal fire burning. When the time inevitably comes, you’ll be primed and ready for race day.

Questions? We figured you might have some.

What can I use REVEL Race Credits for? 

You can use them toward the registration of any REVEL race or any merchandise in our online shop.

What if I use my REVEL Race Credits to register for a race and that race is later canceled? 

Understandable concern right now. If you register for a race that is later canceled due to COVID-19, you may:

a) Defer your credits to register for another REVEL race within the next two years, free of charge. If you can't decide which race to defer to right away, use your credits when you’re ready to do so.

b) Complete a virtual race and receive a swag pack including a race shirt, medal, custom bib, custom result card, Goodr sunglasses, REVEL Tru Flask tumbler, and REVEL hat.

What if I don’t want to register for a race right now? I want to see how this whole thing plays out. 

We totally get it. You don’t have to use your credits to register for a race right away. You can still take advantage of this great offer and use them when you feel ready to do so. In the meantime, use them as motivation to get out there and keep running.

How do I take advantage of this offer? 

Head to between the dates of April 20 and April 24!

In this turbulent time, we refuse to let the spirit of road racing be diminished. Now lace up, get out there, and REVEL on.