Mt Lemmon Retired

In order to accomplish our mission of providing runners the fastest and best races possible, we occasionally have to retire an event. It is possible that this race may return in a future year. In the meantime, join us at a current REVEL race.

Runners who participated in past editions of REVEL Mt Leeom can still access their historic results, photos, and videos using the Photo/Results page. Likewise, runners who deferred their race entry from a retired event may redeem their deferment credit at any of the other REVEL races.

Marathon & Half Marathon

  • Location: Mt Lemmon, Tucson, AZ
  • Course: Fast & Beautiful
  • Boston Qualifier: Yes

This incredibly fast and remarkably beautiful road race takes runners from the forests and canyons of Mt Lemmon to the foothills of Tucson, Arizona. Featuring a smooth downhill slope and spectacular scenery in the Coronado National Forest, this race will be sure to help you set your PR and finally hit that Boston Qualifying time as it is the fastest marathon and half marathon in Arizona. REVEL in speed. REVEL in beauty. REVEL down Mount Lemmon!

Elevation Profile

Net Elevation Drop

Average Marathon Times

What Runners Think

  • Great! Well organized and very runner friendly.
    —Chad Joyce
  • Out of the 17 marathons I have run, Mt Lemmon was one of the most well run marathons that I have attended and that includes 2 Bostons.
    —Steve Hollander
  • Amazing sunrise to kick off an amazing and beautiful course!! The volunteers were great, the aid stations stocked and porta potties a plenty! The course was fast and fun!
    —Laura Swenson
  • Great weather and views. Well organized. Qualified for Boston 2019!
    —Lorena Boyd
  • Parking and shuttle to start was flawless. The start area porta potties were plentiful. Race provided gloves and heat sheets were awesome for helping to keep warm before the start.
    —Lisa Seidel

The Cause

REVEL Mt Lemmon donates a portion of your registration fees directly to the Mt Lemmon community as our way of giving back.

Triple REVELer

Run any 3 REVEL races (full or half marathon) in a calendar year to receive a special edition Triple REVELer medal. You will be in an elite company of REVELers who keep coming back for more!

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