Time Slot: 2:00 - Half Marathon
Name: Amy Thackeray
Bio: Married for 26 years, mother of 5 that’s lived in Utah for the last 16 years.
Former collegiate rower who came to running later in life at the age of 30 after the birth of her 5th child, in an effort to improve her health and find a way to cope with the ravaging effects of severe Crohn’s disease. Diagnosed with Crohn’s after a bowl obstruction that nearly killed her over 20 years ago, health and running are gifts Amy enjoys 6-days a week and plans to run for the rest of her life.
Favorite racing distance is the half- marathon. Once asked a total stranger to use their bathroom during a 10k (it was an emergency) to which the stranger said no. after the first rejection, she saw a Ragnar Sticker on a car and rang the doorbell crying on their front porch, to which the strangers graciously allowed her to use their restroom, telling her they “totally understand” and they’re happy to help.
Amy loves all running, both trails and road races and has run the Boston Marathon twice. and completed several ultra-marathons, including the Squaw Peak 50-miler. Her favorite foods are green smoothies and occasionally chocolate-covered strawberries.