Toddie Banta

2015 REVEL Big Cottonwood Half Marathon
Published: Sept. 14, 2015, 12:33 a.m.
  1. Overall Rating

    5/5 Stars

  2. Describe your race day.

    I refer to this race as the friendly race. Everyone is so helpful. The staff, volunteers, emergency personnel, participants are fun and happy. The course is BEAUTIFUL!!! I will probably participate in this race every year. I think it is great that there are so many different skill levels and that the walkers are just as welcome as the runners by the participants and staff. This race is very organized and has a lot of extras that make it stand out from other races. I HIGHLY recommend this race.

  3. Did you PR?

    Although my pace is quite slow, I was pleasantly surprised that I finished faster than last year, especially considering my lack of training and health issues.

  4. How would you describe the course?

    Beautiful!!! I wish the ENTIRE race could take place in the canyon. If the entire race or all but one or two miles took place in the canyon I would be in heaven! I hope REVEL can find a way to make that happen.... maybe next year? =0) The shade, light breeze, and breathtaking scenery made me want to turn around and go back up the canyon. But the rest of the course is okay, minus the traffic. The exhaust fumes and people smoking in their vehicles with their windows down wasn't great. It is a great course though, even with the few minor things I mentioned. I love the canyon portion!

  5. Tell us about your training.

    My training was pathetic! I did what I could, when I could. I would have liked to train more, but health issues and other major events didn't allow me to train as I would have liked to. I'm just happy to be able to participate in this event and enjoy the exercising, fall colors, great people, and beautiful views.

  6. What advice would you give future runners?

    Prepare for the hills by training on hills, up and down. If you have knee, quad, or calf problems (especially if you haven't trained much on the hills) I suggest wearing support gear. I also found walking backwards uphill on a treadmill to be helpful. Start out slow and go at a comfortable pace.

  7. What fun things did you do in the area before or after the race?

    Enjoyed the area and seeing the start of the beautiful fall colors. I highly recommend The Bohemian Brewery (7200 South and slightly east of State Street) for an enjoyable dining experience. Whether you enjoy their wide variety of beer (you can sample them for 50 cents each to find out which one(s) you prefer) or just want a good meal that is made fresh or both, this is the place to go.


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