Kristina Helland

2015 REVEL Big Cottonwood Marathon
Published: Sept. 12, 2015, 3:41 p.m.
  1. Overall Rating

    5/5 Stars

  2. Describe your race day.

    Was amazing!! So grateful for aid stations and drinks and fruit. Huge help felt supported.

  3. Did you PR?

    1st marathon just happy I finished.

  4. How would you describe the course?

    Absolutely beautiful! Amazing-- not a fan of Wasatch that was the most challenging which was a bummer being towards the end. That was my body breaking down having to go up hill. It was a fantastic course.

  5. Tell us about your training.

    Train more uphill -- I didn't expect that much. I trained downhill and it felt great. I need to prep more meal wise the week before and intake more water possibly. Train downhill for sure that saved me.

  6. What advice would you give future runners?

    Don't do anything new day of race.

  7. What fun things did you do in the area before or after the race?

    Local-- didn't do much but getting excited for race day.


  1. Kristina Helland
    Sept. 12, 2015, 3:42 p.m.

    Thank you for being organized made a huge difference!

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