Pinesh Roy

2016 REVEL Big Cottonwood Marathon
Published: Sept. 10, 2016, 10:18 p.m.
  1. Overall Rating

    5/5 Stars

  2. Describe your race day.

    Mile 19-23 was really tough because of the 18 mile downhill prior to that.

  3. Did you PR?


  4. How would you describe the course?

    Beautiful but Tough because of 5500 ft downhill and thin air at 9700 ft for runners from lower altitude.

  5. Tell us about your training.

    Trained for downhill but difficult to train for so much downhill. Didn't train in high altitude. To run in this course runners definitely need to train for downhill and train at high altitude.

  6. What advice would you give future runners?

    It's cold out there in the start line. So, runners need to wear warm clothes and also wear caps n globes and warm T-shirt while running for the 1st hour.

  7. What fun things did you do in the area before or after the race?

    Didn't have much time before and after the race.


  1. Pinesh Roy
    Sept. 10, 2016, 10:20 p.m.

    Really enjoyed the race and qualified for Boston.

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