Morgan Oliphant

2017 REVEL Big Cottonwood Half Marathon
Published: Sept. 9, 2017, 8:07 p.m.
  1. Overall Rating

    5/5 Stars

  2. Describe your race day.

    Beautiful scenery. Great organization. Wonderful race location. LOVED IT!

  3. Did you PR?

    Yes, I PRed. I ran faster than ever before.

  4. How would you describe the course?


  5. Tell us about your training.

    I didn't train as well as I would have liked to due to getting Mono and then having surgery. So my advice would be to avoid those thing and train consistently.

  6. What advice would you give future runners?

    Know you will be JUST FINE. JUST HAVE FUN!

  7. What fun things did you do in the area before or after the race?

    I loved watching the other runners cross the finish line! It made me even a little emotional.


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