Kelli-an Lawrance

2017 REVEL Big Cottonwood Marathon
Published: Sept. 11, 2017, 7:25 a.m.
  1. Overall Rating

    4/5 Stars

  2. Describe your race day.

    Super fun; painful(!); disappointing in the end. But still, super-fun!!

  3. Did you PR?

    yep. Personal worst. Oh well!

  4. How would you describe the course?

    - The course is absolutely gorgeous: worth every minute of discomfort.
    - The grade KILLED me. I'm a negative-splitter, but that was impossible to do on this course. The grade forces a fast start, so I was wrecked for the last 1/4 of the race. Darn!
    - EVERY SINGLE VOLUNTEER was AWESOME. THEY are the ones that deserve MEDALS!

  5. Tell us about your training.

    - Even though I am an ultra runner, my training CLEARLY did not include enough DOWNHILL running!
    ha ha ha ha ha
    - My training advice to others = do some serious downhill running. If your quads don't hurt the day after your downhill training session, find a steeper grade and train some more.

  6. What advice would you give future runners?

    - This is a truly UNIQUE course; be ready for it!
    - Bring EVEN WARMER pre-race clothes than you think you need. You'll be glad you did. (And if you don't need them, a skimpier-dressed fellow runner will be happy to share.
    ***Come with friends so you can share the pain and glory!***

  7. What fun things did you do in the area before or after the race?

    - OMG: The band at the finish line was amazing. LOVED THEM!! And the local restaurants killed.
    - 6 of us flew in from Toronto Ontario a day before race. Some stayed but I was one who had to leave right after, so I really didn't get to enjoy the area to its fullest.


  1. Kelli-an Lawrance
    Sept. 11, 2017, 7:25 a.m.

    Thanks. We're already planning to do another REVEL SERIES race! Awesome work, folks!!

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