Honey McPherson-Sharrow

2018 REVEL Mt Charleston Half Marathon
Published: Feb. 12, 2018, 2:23 p.m.


  1. Don Knox
    May 1, 2018, 11:35 a.m.

    Absolutely loved this race. Well organized and gave me something to do while in Vegas for a friend's wedding. The Bally's shuttle was excellent. Rest stops were plentiful and volunteers were great. Only able to run the half because of lateness of my registration but I will run the marathon next year as a BQ attempt. If the half is any measure it will not be a problem. Set a PR at the age of 58 and this was my 53rd half marathon.

  2. Joanna, Peoria Arizona
    May 2, 2018, 2:35 p.m.

    This race good, however I wish they had accommodated for the weather. Knowing it was going to be unseasonably hot especially for a marathon having the water stations every mile. The other thing was the Altitude- It was stressed that most people don't or wont " feel" anything Totally not true Especially when you are running hard. Your body is running in a aerobic state which requires more oxygen. People were dropping like flies because of the lack of oxygen combined with the temperatures; causing major muscle cramps that most people cant recover from. In your training recommendations, I would include altitude training. Other than getting sick and very dehydrated I enjoyed the actual scenery and the race. I will be back for redemption at Revel Big Cottonwood, (I plan to do altitude Training) ;-)

  3. Nick T
    May 21, 2018, 12:17 p.m.

    Great event with high class service. Tour buses to the top of the Mountain, plenty of porta potties , ability to stay warm in Lodge up top. Run was fast as advertised, BE AWARE! It is steep at the top and you will hurt during and afterwards if you don’t train appropriately . Coming from Ohio the elevation only bothered me for the first few miles. There is a false flat at the end that will make you work. 85 degrees at my finish this year. Didn’t take long to shed the gloves in only a T-shirt and shorts.

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