Transfer, Defer, and Withdraw Deadlines

In order for us to finalize all the details of the event, the following deadlines for transfering, defering, and withdrawing apply:

Transfer Deadline:June 26, 2020
Withdraw Deadline:June 8, 2020
Defer Deadline: June 26, 2020

Transfer, Withdraw, and Defer Policy

We are endurance athletes ourselves and understand that even the best laid plans sometimes need to be changed. In order to accommodate those situations, we have instituted a fair policy to let you withdraw or transfer your entry.

Transfer - Switch Distances or To Another Person

Transfer Fee Schedule
Deadline Fee
May 1, 2019 $10.00 USD
March 20, 2020 $5.00 USD
June 26, 2020 $15.00 USD
Current Fee: $15.00 USD.

When transferring your event entry to another person, you will have to pay a $15.00 USD transfer fee. If you are selling your entry to another person, you are responsible to collect the funds from that person.

To transfer distances, the distance you wish to transfer to must not be sold out. You will be required to pay the current cost difference. In addition, you will pay a $15.00 USD transfer fee. If necessary, you can transfer between events and to another person at the same time. Use the deferment process to transfer to next year's event or to a different location.

Transfer Form

Withdraw - Receive a Refund

Withdraw Fee Schedule
Deadline Fee
March 20, 2020 $10.00 USD
May 1, 2020 $20.00 USD
June 8, 2020 $30.00 USD
Current Fee: $20.00 USD.

When you withdraw from the race, you will be refunded your entry costs minus the $20.00 USD fee. Start the withdraw process by providing the confirmation code emailed to you when you signed up.

Withdraw Form

Defer - Receive Credit To Next Year's Event or To A Different Location

Deferment Fee Schedule
Deadline Fee
March 20, 2020 $5.00 USD
May 1, 2020 $10.00 USD
June 8, 2020 $15.00 USD
June 26, 2020 $35.00 USD
Current Fee: $10.00 USD.

Deferring allows you receive credit that you can apply to next years event or to the events listed below. Your credit will be for the amount you paid minus the deferment fee. When you defer, you will receive an email with a code and a link that you will use to redeem your credit. You are not automatically entered for next years event. You will need to register for next years event using the link provided when registration opens. Your deferment credit may only be used once and will expire within two years.

In addition to next years event, you can also apply your deferment credit to any of the following events.

Event Date Location
1. REVEL Rockies June 6, 2020 Denver, CO
2. REVEL Big Cottonwood By Intermountain Healthcare Sept. 12, 2020 Salt Lake City, UT
3. REVEL Big Bear Nov. 14, 2020 Southern California
Deferment Form